Canned Sardines

Product Specifications :

  • 【Variety】Mackerel
  • 【Preservation Process】Brine
FOB Reference Price
US $ 11.20 | >=500 Carton
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Product description

Sardine (Sardine) is a general term for some of the edible fishes of the family clupeformes, sardines, sardines, and sardines, and clupeid. Clupea harengus and other small Clupea or clupe-like fish that are canned in oil. Sardines sardines said by people in Hong Kong, also called fish, Wen and advantage. The small one is two inches long, the big one is about two inches long, the lower jaw is a little longer than the upper one, the teeth are not obvious, the back of the stomach is white, the flesh is beautiful, it is used to make canned food. It is distributed in 6 ~ 20 degrees of northern and southern latitudes in temperate ocean regions. Sardines are used mainly for food, but fish can also be made into animal feed. Sardine oil is used to make paint, paint and linoleum, as well as margarine in Europe. It is also an important Marine economic fish in the world. 425g x 24 / 1870; 155g x 50 / 2050; 125g x 50 / 3200 / 2800

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